I’m participating again in iHanna’s postcard swap.  I’m a few days late in getting my postcards out (lost track of the days and the list of addresses had ended up in the spam folder.  Like last year, I didn’t pick one style or theme for my postcards and just sort of did what came to mind. 



So I’ve been working on the first page from the Life Book class.

The next step was to do the shading for the face, something I had not attempted with color before.

I’m not sure I’m completely happy with it, but it was my first attempt and with everything, with practice I should improve.

Next came coloring the background and hair.

I still have some work to do on the page, like adding in some text and maybe texturing the background more. But for my first page, I’m happy. I can’t wait to see what we do in the next lesson.

With my registration in Life Book 2012, I received access to at least one of Tam’s other classes. I piad a little more and picked 2 classes (ones that I been considering purchasing anyway). One of them was Fabulous Faces. The first week’s lesson was on drawing a front facing portrait. I had never attempted that (as this is really my first art courses of any sort). The eyes came out different sizes and the mouth is too big. And I’m not happy with my shading. BUT… this was my first attempt and I know that all of those things will improve with practice.

I’m very excited to be participating in Life Book 2012.  For the first week’s page, we’re celebrating our Goddess Superpowers.  Now part of the exercise involves drawing a 3/4 profile portrait.  Now, not having had any drawing or really any art classes even in school growing up, I’m not very confident in my drawing abilities.  But I followed along with the video and I’ll show you what I came up with.  Now this is not the one that will end up on the page, this is my practice drawing.  Drawing faces is something I really want to work on this year.


Wow!  It’s been a while.  Unfortunately life has been hitting me really hard the last few months.  I’m in the middle of a huge project at work and that has taken up my time.  I’ve been working extra hours and sometimes weekends.  As well as starting a certificate program in the evenings so that I can advance at work (fingers crossed that I’ll be done with that by March).  And combine that with a 2 1/2 year old little monkey who wants all my attention when I’m home and it’s hard to fit in creative time.  But that is a changing.  There is so much going on in my creative life that I want to share.  I haven’t talked at all about my time in 21 Secrets.  And now I’m just about to start BIG.  So I will try to be better about sharing what I’m doing.


What the heck is that?

Index Card A Day!

Over at Daisy Yellow, she has us working on one index card a day through June, July and August.  Check it out here.  I didn’t start till yesterday, so I’m two days in.  Here are my cards (using those new Sharpie pens I told you about):


Wow!  It’s been a while.  Life threw me for a curve ball at the end of April and in to May.  First, I had to do some traveling for work.  I had the chance to go to Atlanta for a week but because of our schedule there, I didn’t see much of the city.  Though, I did make it to Coca-Cola World which was very interesting.  While I was in Atlanta, I got very very sick.  Never fun to get sick when you’re away from home.  I ended up with bronchitis and lost my voice for about 3 weeks.  Needless to say, I was not feeling all that creative during that time.

But now I’m back!

I have a couple different things I want to talk about but won’t have a chance right now (that silly day job thing that I have to get back to).  But a fun thing I did today was buy a pack of colored Sharpie pens.  I was at Office Depot and they had a big display of individual pens you could buy or there was a nice 12 pack of some colors.  I grabbed that but then noticed it didn’t have this cool orange color I liked or the gray or the bright pink.  Well, I figured that if I bought those in addition to the 12 pack, that was almost as much as buying the 24 pack.. so…


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  • Nichole: thank you so much for the card! I got the Margaret Atwood one....which i love because she was one of my favorite authors i read in college!
  • Kimber: Great postcards! Love the variety of styles!
  • Carlin: I am the recipient of the non-pictured card! Using all different techniques is a great idea. I don't know that I could have managed it. I love how all