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So I mentioned before that I was participating in iHanna’s post card swap.  These went out last week and I’ll share them with you.  For some reason when I did the download from my camera, not all of them downloaded, so you might not get to see all 10 right away.

Here’s the whole stack ready to go:

This one was created using acrylics paints I received at an art demo:

This might be my favorite one because it was full of mistakes just like the quote on it.  I tried to do an image transfer using gel medium but the directions I read didn’t give the full story on how to achieve this, so you’ll see the image only transfered around the edges and in some places in the middle. 

This was the last postcard I made.  It used some japanese papers I found, along with some cutout fake stamps.

Three of the postcards have a similar background (blue/green watercolors).  I took phrases from some magazines I had and combined them.  Picture came out very shiny (probably standing under a light in the kitchen when I took it).

Here’s another with the watercolor background.  The writing that’s partially covered up by the strip of flowers is a poem by Margaret Atwood called “Variation On The Word Sleep”, one of my favorites.

And the third watercolor background postcard.  I decided to go vertical for this one.

This one was created using collage elements from issues of National Geographic, except for the music sheet.  For some reason I just really liked the image of the guy in the gear with the red background played against Macchu Pichu.

This was the second postcard I made and couldn’t resist zentangling at least one of them.

And this was the first postcard I made for the swap.  Did I mean the blue and yellow to be a shout-out to our host Hanna since she’s from Sweden?  Maybe.  Who knows what my subconscious was up to.  I just grabbed two sheets of paper and started cutting some strips.

So there you have it.  And it looks like I only missed a picture of one of the postcards.  I’ll have to get on at some point.  I purposely chose not to do the same sort of technique or style with every postcard.  As I’m new to sort of exploring art and finding my own style, I just went with whatever appealed to me in the moment.

This was so much to do and I’ve been receiving lovely postcards in the mail.  I can’t wait to stop by the blogs of all those people and tell them how much I enjoyed receiving their art in the mail.


I’m participating in a workshop during the month of April – 30 Days of Play – by Spooky

Every day we get 3 prompts:

one to get you itching to write, another to inspire you to express yourself visually, and one to add a little PlaY to your day

The visual prompt from Day 2 was to “shoot from the hip” – we were supposed to take at least 5 pictures without looking through the viewfinder and to take pictures from interesting angles.  Here are my 5:

I was laying on my back and my son came and put his face right in front of the camera.  This cracks me up because it really reflects his personality.

I set the camera on the floor and snapped this of our fireplace.  I messed with the settings and I think this might be the night setting or fireworks.

Again, the camera just sitting on the floor. This is my son’s foot.

For this one, I put the lens up next to the edge of the toy box and snapped it.  I really like how this one turned out.

This is our fish tank.  I set the camera on the counter by the tank to snap this one.


So I’ve been really interested in book binding and making my own journals and have been reading lots of books about repurposing other books to make journals.  A couple weeks ago at work, I found a year planner that we had each been given by our company before the beginning of the year.  It was boring and ugly and I would never use it.  So I started to think about how I could transform it.

Here’s the planner and the ugly brown shiny cover.  I took some electrical tape and in horizontal stripes, I covered it.

Here it is covered.  Eventually I might go back and add some collage elements to the cover, but for now I like the black tape.

Then I took some gesso to cover the writing on the first page, but left the year.  I put down a couple more coats after this so that the text has basically disappeared.  I’ve also gone through on some of the other pages and either laid down gesso or glued on different papers (cardstock or decorative papers) to cover up the month squares.   I’m excited to use this journal.


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  • Nichole: thank you so much for the card! I got the Margaret Atwood one....which i love because she was one of my favorite authors i read in college!
  • Kimber: Great postcards! Love the variety of styles!
  • Carlin: I am the recipient of the non-pictured card! Using all different techniques is a great idea. I don't know that I could have managed it. I love how all