Posted on: January 27, 2011

This journal page I did sometime last week or the week before.  I can’t remember and I’ve been terrible about dating my work (something that I need to change).

This was done in a watercolor tablet.  I wish I could say that I drew the dragonfly free-hand but I didn’t.  I used a template that I had printed in 3 different sizes.  I used watercolor pencils and PITT artist pens.

Dragonflies are kind of my totem animal.  I really would like to return to this design at a later time and do some other things involving metallics.


2 Responses to "Dragonflies"

This is darling! Love the wings….

Dragonflies are great aren’t they – especially the way they hover with patience and purpose. I need to remember to date my work too!

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  • Nichole: thank you so much for the card! I got the Margaret Atwood one....which i love because she was one of my favorite authors i read in college!
  • Kimber: Great postcards! Love the variety of styles!
  • Carlin: I am the recipient of the non-pictured card! Using all different techniques is a great idea. I don't know that I could have managed it. I love how all
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