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This journal page I did sometime last week or the week before.  I can’t remember and I’ve been terrible about dating my work (something that I need to change).

This was done in a watercolor tablet.  I wish I could say that I drew the dragonfly free-hand but I didn’t.  I used a template that I had printed in 3 different sizes.  I used watercolor pencils and PITT artist pens.

Dragonflies are kind of my totem animal.  I really would like to return to this design at a later time and do some other things involving metallics.


Today’s challenge was to just use circular shapes.  I debated on what materials to use for this. I thought about cutting out a bunch of circles in different sizes from some collage materials or using my new watercolor paints.  In the end I decided to go with my watercolor pencils.  I put down a coat of gesso on the page since it’s not watercolor paper.  Unfortunately, I didn’t wait quite long enough for the gesso to completely dry so the paper started to rip in a couple places when I used the pencils.  I’m just so-so about the results.  I think it’ll be a good base page to come back and use later on.

Also, I had put a drop of ink in the middle of each of the larger circles.  I thought they had dried before I went to bed, so I closed the journal and put some books on top to flatten out the pages.  Well, as you can see, the ink wasn’t completely dry.  I do like the strange shapes the ink took and it gave me an idea for another page.

I realize I’ve neglected this blog for a couple of weeks.  We didn’t have batteries in our camera and it took me about a week to remember that I could take pictures on my phone of what I was working on.  Though I don’t think the phone pictures come out as well.

Yesterday’s prompt was Paper Poems.  I used some watercolors to create the base of the design (I got REAL watercolors and am so in love with them).  Then I cut words out of a magazine to create the “poem”.  I used an old issue of Romantic Times Book Reviews and all the words/phrases come from ads for romance novels.

day 23

Today’s challenge was layered lines.  I used watercolor paints and tried to make mine as colorful as possible.  The text on the page takes about taking my son to a carousel today.

The challenge here was vertical journaling.  The background is done in watercolors.  The text is written on index cards that are attached to the page with a glue stick.  And ripped magazine pages were painted with watercolors and placed over the text on the cards.   Since I used my favorite color, blue, to color the page, I used text representing me – I used a baby name book and wrote down parts of the section about my name.

The challenge for day 7 was to create a window.  This is definitely one I want to do a do-over on.  I rushed to do it instead of waiting till I bought some supplies.  I’d like to really try to make a window in the page (cut a window in one and glue it to a second page with something on it so show through the window).

Okay, I did 4 days of journaling in the past 2 days.  I’ve had a chance to buy a few supplies so I’m trying out some other mediums in the journaling.

It’s a bit unfinished.  I might go back later and do something with the background.  I tried to draw the face myself but since I only had toddler sized crayons to work with it didn’t come out too well.  I cut out the face from an image in a celtic mandala calendar from a few years ago.


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  • Nichole: thank you so much for the card! I got the Margaret Atwood one....which i love because she was one of my favorite authors i read in college!
  • Kimber: Great postcards! Love the variety of styles!
  • Carlin: I am the recipient of the non-pictured card! Using all different techniques is a great idea. I don't know that I could have managed it. I love how all